Online Poker Betting Basics

Poker betting is generally started with an ante to get the cards dealt. The ante may range from anything from a small penny to virtually any other thing according to the wish of the player. The entire bet money is placed at the center of the table and is termed as Pot. Pot is won by the player who stays in the game till the end with the highest hand.

This is to be remembered that poker betting is always done clockwise, giving all the player their equal turn , and during the time of betting, the player has the option of choosing form any three of the following choices entirely depending upon his wish and expertise. Choosing this also depends upon the hands and other factors.

· Call

Call is a procedure in which you bet enough to compensate the difference between you last bet and your opponent bet to stay in the game. The following example explains it clearly.

Suppose in a imaginary game Peter bet for 10 cents when got his turn. Peter’s opponent Jason then bids for 20 cents on his turn. When Again Peter gets his turn, if he wishes to remain in the game, he need to compensate 10 cents by putting them in the pot. That means now Peter and Jason both have kept 20 cents in total in the pot. That means at no stage two or more players stay in the game by giving less amount in the pot than the amount which has been currently bet upon.

· Raise

If a player wants to say in the game and raise his bet the first thing he has to do is to compensate the difference between the opponent call and his call in the last turn. Then he can bet for the additional amount. That is the higher bet on the second chance, this is called raise. There may or may not be a limit set for the raise.
Let us again consider a hypothetical game where the raise limit is set to 8 cents. Suppose I bid for 10 cents and then my opponent bids for 20 cents. If now I wish to raise, First I need to put the difference amount that is 10 cents in the pot. Next I put additional amount in the pot which should not be less than 8 cents (raise Limit). This additional amount becomes the raise in the bid. And if other players need to stay in the game, have to make a call or raise.

· Fold

In case a player finds the current bid is too high for him to compete in the game, He chooses to fold. That is he withdraws himself from the game and thus looses the chance of winning the pot. In such a scenario he looses all the money he putted earlier in the pot to remain in the game. It is very important to estimate, when one should fold.

Your must understand and remember that betting is an art. A bad hand can even win over a good hand if betting is done with conscience and intelligence. The game is a art which can be mastered by plasticizing and learning.