Poker Games : How to Play Classic Poker

Hi, my name is Dean Hale and today, I’m going to teach you how to play Classic poker. Classic poker is actually Five Card Draw. It’s the game we all learned at the kitchen table at home or playing with some friends in the dorm room. Five Card Draw, each player gets dealt five cards, they then look at their cards, after all the betting rounds are complete, and they decide what cards they want to keep.

In some games, if you have an ace in your hand, you can actually ask for four cards. In some games, you can’t do that, but you could ask for three cards, and there’s some deception in there. If you ask for one, you’re you’re telling somebody, you know, that you have a pretty good hand, or that you’re on some type of draw. Some, today, with the explosion of Texas Hold ‘Em, some people may think that Classic poker is actually Texas Hold ‘Em, which is a flop game where you get dealt two cards face down and then you have five community cards that everybody shares. But in reality, Classic poker is actually Five Card Draw and Five Card Draw, the rankings of your hand go as follows: you can have a high card, which an ace is the highest card in the deck, so that would be your high card. You could have a pair, that would be any two cards of the same number would be one pair.

The next would be two pair. If I had two twos and two fours, that would give me two pair. The next ranking would be three of a kind, as it states. It’ll be three cards of the same number. The next ranking after three of a kind would be a straight.

That would be any five cards in sequential order, not of the same suit. If you have a, if your hand is two, two, three, four, five, six, you have a six high straight. If somebody happens to have a nine high straight, they would win. They have the higher finishing card of the straight. After a straight, the next ranking hand would be a flush.

A flush is five cards, any five cards, does not, do not have to be in sequential order, of the same suit. The suits in a poker deck are hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades. After a flush, you have a full house which is three cards of one of one number, and two cards of another number. After a full house, which is also called a boat, after a full house, you would have a four of a kind, would beat a, would beat a full house. If you have four fours, and somebody has four sevens, the sevens would obviously win. They’re higher.

Now thee only two other hands that beat a full hou…a four of a kind would be a straight flush or a royal flush. If you get the royal flush, you did really well. Hi, my name is Dean Hale and that’s a little bit about Classic poker.